Toilet Training

No matter how much research we do into getting a puppy, nothing quite prepares us for the joys and challenges that puppy ownership brings.

Biting, chewing and toilet training are the three most frequent reasons that puppies are rehomed.

In this EBook we explore the Do's & Don't of successfully toilet training your dog.

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Rachel Brown

IMDT: Full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers

EDTA: Affiliate Trainer with Epic Dog Training Academy

WSDA: World Scent Dog Association Accredited Instructor

UKSD: UK Sniffer Dogs Accredited Instructor

SWUK: Scentwork UK Accredited Instructor

PPG: Member of the Pet Professional Guild British Isles

DTC: Reactive Rascals Instructor with Dog Training College

DWYD: Drink With Your DogTM Certified Instructor

Veterinary recommended